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What is keyDates ?

Have you ever been considered as being forgetful?
Do you always forget important dates, meetings or appointments?
Have you ever missed the opportunity to celebrate with your boss his first 100 days as a manager?
How could you go over the 1000 Days of your son without the celebration he deserves?
Do you want to create new reasons for celebration?
keyDates will take care of that for you.

keyDates is the ultimate free app which reminds you of your friends' and family's birthdays, not only every year, but also on a monthly and daily basis. keyDates is simple and secure, with full respect of your privacy.
With keyDates, you'll never miss an important date anymore. Dates of birth can be synchronized directly from your contacts and your five favorites can also be introduced manually.
You can choose how long you would like want to remember:
• Every year or every 5 or 10 years?
• Every month? Every 100 months? Every 500 months?
• Every 100 days? 1000 days? 10,000 days?
Choose anytime you want to be reminded in advance, or on the date itself for each of the different for any of the 3 main events. The app synchronizes all birthdays within your contacts list, and imports First Name, Last Name and Pictures.

Do you always forget your wedding anniversary? Your dog’s age? How many days left for retirement? When your next important appointment is?
Use keyDates reminder feature to never forget. keyDates will ensure you don’t miss any birthdays or important dates. It’s all in one app and easy to use.

Privacy Policy: Your personal data is safe. Sensitive information is encrypted locally and not accessible externally.

Languages: English Spanish French
Suggestions to: contact@keydates.eu